The Rhodd Law Office is dedicated to preserving your legal rights, your assets and your freedom.
This will not happen by chance, but rather through engineering a skillful and artful plan of action.
This office will go to great lengths to ensure the strategy serves its intended function with
stability. With this in mind, the blueprint is designed from the ground up to protect you. The
beauty in the art of this strategy is that it utilizes the quantitative and structural balance required to
provide the maximum protection for you.

The Rhodd Law Office merges two intrinsic ingredients to the structure of legal representation:
knowledge and experience. Deviation from the optimum proportions will subject the structure to
the law of diminishing returns in that the absence of either ingredient will compromise the
structural integrity.

Mr. Rhodd has an extensive body of knowledge and experience from which to draw. As an
undergraduate student studying Business Management and Marketing, he was a National Deans
scholar. After receiving his Bachelor Degree, he attended Washburn University School of Law on
a full-scholastic scholarship and earned his Juris Doctor while graduating with honors. During law
school he was awarded two “Excellence for the Future” awards for #1 class rankings in 1)
Patents and Intellectual Property and 2) Local Government Law. He is currently the Chief Legal
Counsel for several businesses and has been active in the creation and management of several
businesses. Prior to starting his law practice, he was a ten-year veteran police officer. During his
tenure as an officer, Mr. Rhodd received several awards and was nominated for a national
Community Policing award. He  has the knowledge and unique experiences to place him outside
the normal paradigms of most attorneys.
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