A key aspect of the legal practice at the Rhodd Law Office is protecting trademarks and service marks for businesses and individuals, designers
and others. Trademark Service includes:

  •        Assisting clients in understanding trademark protection and how to best use it to benefit business applications;

  •        Assisting clients in auditing it their portfolios to make sure all marks are used properly;

  •        Assist clients in choosing the right trademark early in product development;

  •        Execute thorough trademark searches and other investigations to determine a mark's availability;

  •        Counsel clients on the meanings and practical advantage of different kinds of marks, including what is able to be registered and
    what is not;

  •        Evaluate the strength of your mark and the best approach to achieve registration as if the marks were our business

  •        Search internationally to see if your trademark is available

  •        File foreign international trademarks that include Madrid Protocol applications, or filing for registration for the 74 countries that are
    participating in the Madrid Protocol by filing one single international application

  •        Help make sure the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) confirms your trademark and that your international
    application includes the same goods and services definition as in the basic domestic

  •        Legal guidance for Internet trademark and domain name disputes

  •        Provide experienced guidance as to how best to mark a product or service;

  •        Prosecute federal, state or international registration of trademarks, depending on your purpose; make sure that trademarks continue
    to be used appropriately; and file narrower applications when needed;

  •        Monitor trademarks worldwide to prevent infringement;

  •        Access to counsel should the need to go to trial or file a lawsuit become unavoidable with trademark infringement;

  •        Protect your international trademark;

  •        And other intellectual property law.
Register and Manage Trademarks
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