• Washburn University School of Law
Juris Doctor- 2004 Graduation- Dean’s Honors
       - Washburn Law Republicans        
       - Veterans Legal Association of Washburn
Awarded two Excellence for the Future Awards for #1 class ranking in:
       - Patents and Intellectual Property
       - Local Government Law

  • Washburn University Master’s Program
Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice- Graduation date to be determined upon completion of two (2) courses.

  • Washburn University
Bachelor of Arts in Business- 1999 Graduation
 - Major- Business Administration and Marketing
 - Activities
        - Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity
        - Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity
Professional Experience
Rhodd Law Office
  • Attorney at Law- Practicing in the area of:
         - Contracts and Intellectual Property
         - Business Law and Formation
         - Sports and Entertainment Law
         - Criminal Defense
         - Family Law
         - Personal Injury
         - Estate Planning
         - Landlord Representation

Tolero Marketing Group
  •          President and owner
  •          Provided branding, marketing and legal solutions for established and upstart businesses
  •          Provided graphic art and web design services

Praecello Professional Training Institute
  •          President and owner
  •          Offered training, certification courses and seminars for law enforcement and corporate professionals.
  •          Partnered with professionals and experts in various fields to provide training by experts that distinguished themselves
  through success.

Police Officer, Topeka Police Department- 1997-2007

Use of Force Review Board Member                                             (2000- 2007)
- Review police use of force encounters including all officer involved shootings and lethal force situations
- Forward findings and recommendations to the Chief of Police
- Review and make recommendations for Use of Force Policy and Procedure

Instructor/Lead Instructor- Use of Force/ Defensive Tactics         (1998- 2007)
- Supervise a team of 8-10 Defensive Tactics Instructors
- Develop, supervise, and instruct Defensive Tactics Training for the Police Academy, the Topeka Police Department and other
Law Enforcement Agencies..
- Teach certified courses for:
    * Taser,
    * Ground fighting,
    * PR-24 and Straight Baton,
    * Physical Conflict Resolution,
    * Control and Defensive Tactics,
    * Handcuffing,
    * Weapon Retention and Disarming,
    * Active Counter Measures, and
    * Legal and Medical Implications  of Use of Force.

Community Police Officer                                                         (1999- 2007)

Special Operations- Bicycle Unit/Walking Beat                            (1997-1999)
Professional Awards and Achievements
  •        Graduation from Washburn University School of Law with Honors
  •        #1 class ranking in Patents and Intellectual Property- Excellence for the Future Award
  •        #1 class ranking in Local Government Law- Excellence for the Future Award
  •        Awarded a full ride scholarship to Washburn University School of Law        
  •        National Deans Scholar
  •        Topeka Police Distinguished Service Award (the Topeka Police Department’s second highest honor)
  •        Topeka Police Commendation Bar for Exemplary Initiative
  •        Nominated for National Community Policing award
  •        Shawnee County Regional Prevention and Recovery Services’ Partner of the Year
  •        Team Commendation Award from IPC International for work as police officer
  •        President of the 1997 Topeka Police Academy- #1 academically
Professional Training and Certificates
  •        Defensive Tactics Instructor Certifications for Law Enforcement:
            - Taser International,
            - Physical Conflict Resolution,
            - National Law Enforcement Training Center,
            - Monadnock Police Training Counsel,
            - Missouri Western State College,
            - Shawnee County Sheriff’s Department
  •        DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing
  •        Computer Crimes Investigation
  •        Verbal Judo- the Art of Verbal Persuasion
  •        Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Instructor Certification for law enforcement personnel, corporate
    businesses and private citizens- University of Louisville
  •        Crime Free Multi-Housing Instructor for law enforcement personnel and real estate management professionals
  •        Community Policing Implementation and Instructor Certification for law enforcement personnel and private citizens
  •        International Police Mountain Bike Association
  •        Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center
Professional Memberships- Past and Present
  •        National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers        
  •        American Bar Association
  •        Kansas Bar Association
  •        Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association
  •        Topeka Bar Association
  •        National Law Enforcement Training Center
  •        Topeka Jiu Jitsu Competition Team
  •        United States Hap Ki Do Union
  •        International Business Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi
  •        Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Fraternity
Bradley is a member of the Citizen Band Potawatomi Indian Tribe of Oklahoma. He was born in Arkansas City, Kansas and spent a large portion of
his childhood growing up in Winfield, Kansas.  After many years in a small Kansas town, Bradley's father obtained an active duty position
assignment in the military and the entire family moved to Europe for several years. Although a culture shock, the experience fueled Bradley's love
of travel and adventure.

After several years abroad, the family moved to Topeka, Kansas where Bradley graduated high school and attended Washburn University. When he
struck out on his own as an eighteen (18) year old full-time college student, he was employed full-time at Chuck E. Cheese while working
part-time jobs at McDonald's and the Sunglass Hut. A year later as a full-time sophomore, Bradley simultaneously accepted full-time employment as
an assistant manager at Musicland and a salesman at McDuff's Electronics. During this time, Bradley averaged working eighty-eight (88) hours per
week while maintaining his status as full-time college student. When he turned twenty-one (21) years of age, Bradley applied for a position with
both the Topeka Police Department and the Shawnee County Sheriff's Department. Since Topeka was hit hard by the recession, several hundred
applicants were attempting to obtain employment at both agencies. After extensive testing and interviews, Bradley was fortunate enough to receive
job offers from both agencies. He accepted employment with the City of Topeka and entered the Police Academy in January 1997.  

Bradley excelled in the police academy. He was elected President of the Police Academy and graduated #1 academically while achieving maximum
scores on every physical fitness test. Within six months of graduation, Bradley was fortunate enough to be assigned to a special operations unit
focusing on the highest crime areas of the city. During this time, crime within the Capital City was extremely high (top ten in the nation per capita)
and the unit took down many violent criminals, including several homicide suspects and a serial rapist that preyed upon elderly women. Within a
year of graduating the police academy, Bradley became the youngest Use of Force/Defensive Tactics Instructor on the department. He eventually
became the lead instructor in charge of the entire group of instructors. Additionally, he was a member of the Use of Force Review Board for many

After becoming a police officer, Bradley continued his studies at the Washburn University School of Business. He graduated with honors and
received a Bachelor of Arts degree. Bradley's  academic success granted him the opportunity to be awarded a full-ride scholarship to the Washburn
University School of Law. Bradley continued his work as a full-time police officer while excelling in law school. During his first year of law
school, Bradley earned an additional scholarship for his academic success in Tort's. As both a police officer and law student, Bradley received
numerous awards in both fields simultaneously and graduated law school with Honors. After passing the Kansas Bar Exam, Bradley spent first year
as an attorney performing pro bono legal work.

Although Bradley enjoyed his time with the police department, he realized that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Without knowledgeable defense
attorneys that are willing to fight for the rights of their clients, there would be very little, if any, oversight for law enforcement and prosecutors. As
a defense attorney, Bradley believes his  job is to ensure that law enforcement officers and prosecutors adhere to the highest standards. He firmly
believes it is his job to advise his clients, to fight for his clients, and to protect his clients. His extensive experience allows him to effectively fulfill
those requirements.   

Over the years Bradley has built a successful law practice in both Topeka and the Kansas City Metro.
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