Mr. Rhodd's business law practice concentrates on forming, operating, and representing all forms of business and investment entities. This
includes limited liability companies, privately held corporations, partnerships and other limited liability entities. In providing comprehensive
services to my clients, Mr. Rhodd will counsel you on the best strategies to help maximize the value of your business.

Mr. Rhodd believes that the best way to assist his business clients is to fully understand their respective businesses. This allows him to design
optimal agreements and other business arrangements, including financing and business succession arrangements, for each case. After
developing these plans with his clients, he can help execute them through drafting, negotiation, and ongoing consultation. When appropriate, he
serves as outside general counsel for businesses as well as counsel for particular business transactions.
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The Rhodd Law Office has experience negotiating and preparing limited liability company operating agreements, limited partnership agreements,
shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, licensing agreements, nondisclosure agreements, premises and equipment lease agreements, and
employment contracts.

Mr. Rhodd has the knowledge and experience to design an effective business plan that can help you at start-up, at exit, and at every stage in
between. Services include:
IMPORTANT: The material contained on this website and any attachments or references have been written or gathered for informational
purposes only. Browsing the website is not considered to be legal advice and does not establish an attorney- client relationship. Legal counsel
should be sought before acting on any information in this document.
The Rhodd Law Office also offers experience in identifying, registering, and protecting intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, service
marks, trade secrets, and copyrights. Please click –here- for information on Intellectual Property.

  •        Business Deal Evaluations        
  •        Company formation
  •        Choice of business entity
  •        Structure of business entity
  •        Purchase or sale of a business
  •        Ownership issues
  •        General legal counsel to businesses and individual owners
  •        Contracts (draft and review)
  •        Coordination of personal, estate and business plans
  •        Tax planning
  •        Reorganization and restructuring
  •        Mergers and acquisitions
  •        Shareholder control agreements
  •        Voting agreements
  •        Buy-sell agreements
  •        Shareholder and partner disputes
  •        Sales and disposition of businesses
  •        Dissolutions
  •        Succession planning
  •        Recapitalization
  •        Asset protection