The Rhodd Law Office will assist you in protecting your trade secrets and engineer effective nondisclosure agreements and noncompete clauses
to form the best strategy for maximizing the benefit from your intellectual property.

Unlike patents or trademarks, which must be revealed to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to be protected, the only way
to protect a trade secret is to keep it secret.

The Rhodd Law Office provides legal counsel to individuals, businesses, universities and corporations on the potential issues that may arise from
intellectual property and engineer contracts that will keep secrets (such as formulas, recipes, processes, customers' names and business
practices) safe:

  •        Draft nondisclosure contracts to protect your rights and intellectual property;
  •        Prevent key employees from leaving and taking your trade secrets when he/she leaves;
  •        Draft non-competition agreements for all of your employees;
  •        Negotiate non-disclosures for your benefit in the future during the sale of your company;
  •        Best ways to limit access to confidential information within your company

The Rhodd Law Office is well-versed in engineering non-compete and non-disclosure clauses that will help keep your secrets safe, your mind at
rest and your profits in your pockets.
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