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Pro athletes and entertainers of all types require professional legal services delivered effectively and discreetly. Mr. Rhodd
understands when and how to use celebrity spotlight to your advantage in appropriate situations and how to discreetly accomplish
more personal goals with little or no public exposure.

The Rhodd Law Office provides comprehensive agent, contract advisor, financial planning, marketing and public relations services
to high-profile clients.

Some of the specific issues include:

  •        Business formation
  •        Creation of charitable foundations
  •        Real estate investment, purchase and sales
  •        Estate planning
  •        Business and real estate contract disputes
  •        Civil litigation for personal injury cases
  •        Criminal defense (traffic violations to murder)
  •        Divorce and child custody
  •        Celebrity prenuptial agreements and marital agreements
  •        Property division
  •        Paternity, visitation and child support
  •        General family law and adoption
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purposes only. Browsing the website is not considered to be legal advice and does not establish an attorney- client relationship. Legal counsel
should be sought before acting on any information in this document.
The Rhodd Law Office also offers experience in identifying, registering, and protecting intellectual property rights, such as
trademarks, service marks, trade secrets, and copyrights.
Entertainment and Sports Management Services
Image Consulting and Management
Agent and Contract Advisor Services
Marketing and Public Relations
Contract Negotiations
Financial Services
The Rhodd Law Office offers skilled legal representation in the following areas of entertainment and sports law:

  •        Contract negotiations and disputes;
  •        Professional sports management;
  •        Media and entertainment ;
  •        Performance and appearance contracts;
  •        Endorsements, sponsorship and licensing agreements;
  •        Sports franchise and facility marketing consulting;
  •        Movie, television and media contracts, rights and production; and
  •        Event and tour management
The Rhodd Law Office works with public relations and marketing firms to provide professional career marketing services for artists,
writers, sports figures, media personalities and celebrities to maximize positive exposure and to handle crisis management
communications while minimizing negative exposure. Specific areas of focus include:

  •        Branding, marketing and public relations
  •        Event planning and management
  •        Networking management
  •        Crisis planning and communications
The Rhodd Law Office has experience and skill in engineering and negotiating contracts to deliver results. If you're an athlete,
entertainer or media personality who is looking for an experienced agent or lawyer to represent your interests in contract
negotiations — call or contact the Rhodd Law Office.
Contract Negotiations for Today's Athlete, Entertainer and Media Talent
The Rhodd Law Office takes a no-holds-barred approach to media, entertainment and athlete contract negotiations. Mr. Rhodd has
years of real-world, practical experience negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts and contract clauses.
Agent/contract advisor services include:

  •        Employment contracts
  •        Pro sports contracts
  •        Noncompete contracts and confidentiality agreements
  •        Licensing and merchandising agreements
  •        Book contracts
  •        Endorsement and sponsorship contracts
  •        Salary arbitration and mediation
  •        Business contracts
  •        Prenuptial agreements
Protecting Your Public Image
The Rhodd Law Office collaborates with public relations and marketing firms to provide effective marketing strategies to today's
entertainer and pro athlete, as well as public relations services.

Career Marketing, Public Relations and Integrated Career Management
The Rhodd Law Office is committed to providing clients with all of the legal services they need to manage their careers, their
finances and their lives. When you work with Bradley Rhodd, you get the personal attention, quality service and the respect and
consideration you deserve.

Raising Your Profile
  •     Branding        
  •     Image consulting and management
  •     Promotional marketing for the emerging artist or athlete
  •     Public relations (public speaking engagements, public appearance bookings, community, charity work, and more)
  •     Interview scheduling and preparation
  •     Networking management

Contain, Deflect or Minimize Negative Public Exposure
  •      Crises management and communications
  •      Damage control
  •      Press releases
  •      Media interviews
Financial Planning for Today's Athletes and Entertainers
Do not be another statistic!!! Secure Finances for Tomorrow!!!!

Whether an NFL player, an aspiring movie star or a radio talk show host - you'll be able to find the financial planning services you
need. TMr. Rhodd has teamed with T&M Financial, Inc., a leading financial services firm established in 1962, to assist his clients
with comprehensive financial planning. They are true professionals and will assist you in putting your money to work in ways that
allows you to reach your career and personal goals today and to provide a stable financial base for you and your family tomorrow.

This strategic partnership has given Mr. Rhodd the ability to assist clients with a full range of financial planning services for today's
pro athlete and entertainer, including:
  •        Investment
  •        Estate planning
  •        Retirement planning
  •        Business formation
  •        Real estate
Career and Life Management for Athletes, Entertainers and Media Talent
Personal Legal Services
Intellectual Property